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Interested in Hosting a Workshop During BWW?! 

Bulldog Beginnings would not be successful without the support of students, campus departments, and members of the University of Minnesota Duluth communities.  We are looking for events that will allow students to engage with one another and learn more about various campus departments.

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Important Information

  • Only On-Campus Departments/Colleges and Campus Life Programs events will be listed on the Bulldog Beginnings calendar.
  • Your event should be planned and paid for by your department/organization.
  • Inclusion in the Bulldog Beginnings schedule does not constitute an endorsement from University of Minnesota Duluth as an official university-sponsored event.

Goals of Bulldog Beginnings

Events allow students to learn about and experience the services available to them as members of the UMD community. Programming is designed to help students transition to UMD while at the same time offering fun, engaging activities that allow them to make personal connections with faculty, staff, current, and new students.  Bulldog Beginnings events complement these goals, and by the end of the first six weeks of the semester, students should have the tools they need to start their first semester and make UMD their new home.

All Bulldog Beginnings Events Must

  • Provide a place for students to meet other students and build a sense of community.
  • Offer a variety of programs that meet the diverse interests/needs of the student body.
  • Introduce students to the services and opportunities available to them at the University.
  • Engage students in the spirit and involvement that is Bulldog Country.

What makes a good Bulldog Beginnings Event

The first days on campus can be a fun and exciting time, but it is also extremely overwhelming for new students.  They are starting a new path, in most cases away from home, and it can feel a bit like trying to drink from a fire hydrant.  With that in mind here are a few tips for creating a good Bulldog Welcome Week event:

  • Be clear about who your audience is in your description.  While many events are genuinely open to any and all students, there is usually a student type, interest, niche that you are looking to appeal to, so call it out.  
  • Having free food, and having everyone come to a room, won't necessarily result in student's feeling welcomed or connected.  Make sure you have activities or ways that students can engage with your department, resources, club.
  • If you want their information, then you will need to ask for it.  We recommend that your org or department ask students for their contact information and be clear about what you will be communicating to them.
  • It doesn't all have to happen during Bulldog Welcome Week.  Students are overwhelmed in the beginning and they are with us (hopefully) for a total of 33 weeks during an average school year, so there are 32 other weeks were things can happen.  Week 2-3 during fall term might be a better option, because it is after students have had some experiences and are maybe needing to find connection or are ready to get involved.
  • Multiple events can happen at once. While there are some large, mandatory events (2,500+) that we don't allow any competing programming advertised, for the other times, it is beneficial to have options for students.  We have noticed when there is only one or two smaller event going on, students will usually just not attend anything, as opposed to many small events all happening around the same block of time, they will get out and pop in and out of different events.  

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