About Kirby Student Center

Our mission: 

Creating community at the heart of campus.

Our vision: 

We will be the true center of campus: the place where students, staff, faculty and community will meet to learn from each other and share experiences in inclusive, innovative and inspiring ways.

Our values:

Unconditional Human Worth

We affirm that every person has intrinsic value, regardless of their beliefs, place of origin, abilities, or any other characteristic.


We believe that joy--the feeling of delight, the sense of happiness--is a key factor in all aspects of student success.


We believe that learning occurs in all aspects of the collegiate journey, whether curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular.

Leadership & Service

We acknowledge the connection between leadership and service, and we strive to help every student find their way to contribute to their world.


We honor the infinite stories and perspectives that our students, faculty, and staff bring to our campus and our world.

Caring Community

We are committed to the creation of a safe and secure student center and support the development of engaged citizens in our campus community.


We are dedicated to serving our constituents in a manner consistent with our values and ethical practices.

What does that mean?

It means that Kirby is your home away from home, your place to feel safe, welcome, and valued. It means that Kirby is the place you can come to try out this whole "adulting" thing, or to hang onto being a kid as long as you want to. Join an organization, learn leadership skills, forge new relationships, blaze new trails.

And the front porch?

Once you've been around UMD a while, you'll hear about "the porch", where students can get together to talk about the weather, their families, classes, or last night's concert. Kirby wants to be the front porch for our entire community, the place anyone can come to learn more about what's going on in this amazing university, and to engage with our faculty, our staff, and most of all, our fantastic students.

What have we accomplished?

Check out our usage data, our program audiences, and our learning outcomes in a comprehensive but easy-to-read annual report. (There's lots of pictures.)


Contact us:

Event Services: [email protected] or  218.726.7166

Student Activities: [email protected] or 218.726.6814

Kirby Leadership Institute: [email protected] or 218.726.8740