Erin Olson

Student Activities + Student Employment Development Coordinator


Get to know Erin! 

Hometown & high school:
Duluth, Minnesota / Proctor Senior High School (Class of.....way before any of our students were even born)

Dream vehicle you'll never own:
There are so many!! Classic International Harvester Scout (with a convertible top, OBVIOUSLY), 1967 Mustang Fastback, McLaren 620R.

Sunny summer weather or cool fall weather?
Both! I'll enjoy any weather that isn't a blizzard. (Yes, I'm fully aware of where I live and what that means for weather)

Best part about working w/UMD students?
Watching them realize that they're finally able to become their own person reminds me how special that is, and how important it is to break out of their shells. Also, just getting to see them apply the skills they've learned here at UMD just reinforces how important it is to pay attention in their coursework.  

Hardest you remember laughing & what caused it:
Definitely watching "The Book of Mormon" with my best friend, Alex.