Jeni Eltink

Kirby Student Center Director


Get to know Jeni!

Hometown & high school: 
New Holstein, Wisconsin / New Holstein High School

Dream vehicle you'll never own: 
Airstream camping trailer - to be specific, Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk

Sunny summer weather or cool fall weather?  
Sunny summer weather for camping and swimming, cool fall weather for hiking and leaf peeping. Oh also cold winter weather for skiing and snowshoeing, and warming spring weather for running and watching everything turn green after the winter.

Best part about working w/UMD students?
UMD students are passionate, dedicated, funny, patient, compassionate, and most of all, human. Working with students reminds me of the value of education, the power of interpersonal connections, and the infinite possibilities of learning and growth. Plus students are just awesome in general.

Hardest you remember laughing & what caused it:
Nobody can make me laugh harder or longer than my partner Mike. He's been doing it for over 20 years and still gets me laughing almost every day. Sometimes it's a joke, sometimes it's a wry observation, sometimes it's a spot-on quote from a movie. I never know what to expect.