Communications and Marketing

ULeaders Google Group

Kirby Student Center communicates with leaders of student organizations via a Google group, [email protected]. Information sent through the email list will contain information pertinent to all or a majority of student organizations. Current organization leadership is required to remain as a member of the ULeaders list.

Members are welcome to submit to the group as well. Messages are moderated by Kirby Student Center staff and may be approved or denied at staff discretion. Multiple messages from different senders may also be condensed into a single digest-style message. Content submitted to ULeaders must meet the following criteria:

  1. Content must be relevant to, or of value to, the majority of student organizations on campus. This could include, but is not limited to:
      • Information regarding University policy and procedures;
      • Information regarding local, state, or federal policy and procedures;
      • Volunteer or service opportunities;
      • Fundraising opportunities; or
      • Internship, leadership, or scholarship opportunities.
  2. Content that will not be approved includes:
      • Information that pertains to the entire student body and not specifically to student organizations; or
      • Promotional emails for events or businesses.


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