Greek Council Recruitment


Greek Council organizations and associates will recruit informally the first few weeks of the Fall and Spring semester. 

Each fraternity will have their own recruitment events for interested members to attend. There is no up front financial commitment or registration required to go through fraternity recruitment.

Complete the interest form; once the form is submitted it will be shared with chapter leaders responsible for recruitment who will contact you. 

If you're interested in the Gamma Zeta Pi sorority please complete this interest form

8 Reasons to Join a Fraternity

  1. Life long relationships - It’s one thing to be friends with a few guys in your dorm; it’s completely different to develop accountability-driven relationships with men who have gone through the same process and rituals as you.
  2. Professional Development - Fraternities provide the opportunity to understand what it’s like to run a company.
  3. Leadership Development - Leadership opportunities are available everywhere in a fraternity, from organizing events to making executive decisions about the direction of the organization.
  4. Academic Assistance - Those in Greek life typically have higher GPAs than the campus average due to specific GPA requirements, accountability, and an environment that values excellence in all areas, including school.
  5. Social Opportunities - Be part of a group of men with connections around campus as well as in the professional world.
  6. Alumni Relations - Alumni are great resources for finding jobs and internships and are often eager to help their undergraduate brothers however they can.
  7. Philanthropy - Through philanthropy events like basketball tournaments or even bake sales, fraternities collect money to contribute to these philanthropies and something greater than themselves.
  8. Tradition - Fraternities are full of valuable traditions. All the men before you had the same standards of leadership, character, and excellence.

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