Tori Seymour

Program Development Coordinator

Get to know Tori!

Hometown & high school: 
Anoka, Minnesota / Anoka High School (Go Tornadoes!)

Dream vehicle you'll never own: 
Land Rover, Range Rover (I just want to be a Kardashian) 

Sunny summer weather or cool fall weather?  
Fall all the way. Give me spooky vibes, pumpkin spice, and cute sweaters to really get my dopamine flowing. 

Best part about working w/UMD students?
It's the students for me. I love talking about the latest trends on TikTok, hearing about new jobs/opportunities in students' lives, and overall helping make this crazy life milestone seem less scary. 

Hardest you remember laughing & what caused it: 
I don't have a specific example in mind, but it probably occurred with my best friends (whom I made in college at UMD), with a cheese plate and a lack of sleep present. 

Tori Seymour