Mat Gilderman

KSC Communications Manager

Get to know Mat!

Hometown & high school:
Duluth (mostly), Minnesota / Duluth East High School

Dream vehicle you'll never own
A medium-sized four-door truck with an electric motor and a big bed to haul lumber and boards because my life is spent FIXING MY HOUSE which is fine it's fine 

Sunny summer weather or cool fall weather?  
GIMME ALL THE SUMMAHS ALL YEAR EVERY YEAR and yes I know I live in Siberia-adjacent. This area and anywhere on Lake Superior doesn't look like anywhere in the Midwest: It's crazy beautiful. But COLD sometimes. haha

Best part about working w/UMD students?
HOPE! Every single UMD student I've worked with has made me breathe a sigh of relief for the future. I'm tellin' ya, the world isn't in good's in GREAT hands. From my outsider perspective: Not a lot of pretentiousness from a UMD Bulldog. If you need something done, they'll get it done and done WELL.

Hardest you remember laughing & what caused it
I've laughed to the point of tears multiple times, but the HARDEST I've laughed recently was when a crow scared my dog Reese, when normally she's the least jumpy dog ever. We let her out the back door to pee, and she somehow didn't see the crow right behind her when she squatted, and when that crow cawed, she jumped straight up in the air like "HOLY BEJESUS WHERE DID YOU COME FROM." 'Twas GRAND. 

Mat Gilderman